Frequently Asked Questions

What all is included in the admission prices?2024-02-24T00:30:14-05:00
The Summer and Fall season admissions include 60+ Farm Fun activities, including the Amazing Maize Maze, the Farm Tour Wagon Ride, Pedal Carts, a petting zoo, the Giant Slinger, the Hay Chute Slide and Strawbale Racer, the Barnyard Jump, and much more!
The Early season admission includes 50+ Farm Fun activities in the Barnyard, including the Giant Slinger, the Hay Chute Slide and Strawbale Racer, the Barnyard Jump, and more! Please note: Amazing Maize Maze and Pedal Carts are not available during the Early season.
What do I have to pay extra for?2024-02-24T00:31:42-05:00

Any food and merchandise purchases, as well as some activities such as Gem Mining and our Shootn’ Gallery activities (Apple Blasters, Paintball Range, and Battle Zone.) The majority of activities are included in your basic Farm Fun admission. We also have Shootn’ Special and Hog Wild admissions that include certain activities and food. Check out our tickets and pricing page for more details.

Can I ride the Strasburg Railroad to or from Cherry Crest Adventure Farm?2024-02-24T00:32:06-05:00

At this time the Strasburg Railroad is not allowing guests to board from Cherry Crest Adventure Farm. All train guests must board at the SRR station.

Does Cherry Crest Adventure Farm close if it rains?2024-02-24T00:32:24-05:00

Yes, we do sometimes. Our business is very weather-dependent. It depends on how long and hard it has rained. Safety is important to us, as well as your enjoyment while here. If you are traveling a distance, please check the weather and our website for up-to-date information.

Does it get muddy when it rains?2024-02-24T00:32:54-05:00

Keep in mind, Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is a real working farm! Some of our walking areas are stone pathways, but most of our surfaces (including the entire maze) are dirt, which gets muddy after it rains.

Can I bring my pet?2024-02-24T00:33:13-05:00

Sorry, we do not allow pets on Cherry Crest Adventure Farm property, whether on a leash or in your arms. Additionally, there is no shade in the parking lot for your pets to stay in your vehicle.

Can I bring my own food?2024-02-24T00:33:30-05:00

Although we have a wide selection of food choices, you may bring your own food onto our property. We ask that you clean up after yourself and not leave your coolers or bags on the picnic tables, but rather return them to your car when you’re finished eating. There is no grilling or cooking allowed. NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL is permitted on Cherry Crest Adventure Farm property.

Why are you closed Sunday and Monday?2024-02-24T00:33:44-05:00

We are closed on Sundays because we believe in family and time to restore one’s self. By being closed on Sunday, our families have time to spend with each other and attend worship if they so desire. Being closed on Monday gives us time to maintain the farm and the property.

Is the big maze ok for small children?2024-02-24T00:34:03-05:00

If you just want a taste of the maze, we recommend that families with small children do the Easy Challenge. It is a short walk through the maze, past some of the activities and mailboxes, and takes approximately 20 minutes. Our employees are always on hand to help if you get stuck!

Is the maze stroller/wheelchair accessible?2024-02-24T00:34:25-05:00

Keep in mind that the maze is a real cornfield, so the paths are bumpy, but they are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, stroller, or wagon! The field is on a slight incline, but generally speaking, the paths are accessible.

Can we leave the property and come back?2024-02-24T00:34:37-05:00

You may leave and return to the farm as often as you like in the same operating day. You must retain your wristband for reentry. This includes going to your car for any reason.

Can I drop my kids off at the farm by themselves?2024-02-24T00:34:54-05:00

No. Anyone under the age of 12 must have an accompanying adult.

I lost something on the farm, how can I find it?2024-02-24T00:35:30-05:00

If you are still on the property, stop by our Guest Services building in the Courtyard to check the Lost & Found. Be prepared to fully identify the missing object. If you have already left the property, you can call the office toll free at 1-866-546-1799 and we will check the Lost & Found for you.

Do I need to bring a flashlight for the Flashlight Maze?2024-02-24T00:35:59-05:00

Yes, you need to bring your own flashlight when coming for our Flashlight Maze. However, if you forget to bring yours, we sell them at the property.

Does the Flashlight Maze cost extra?2024-02-24T00:36:13-05:00

No, the Flashlight Maze is included in all admission types. If you come during the day you can stay for the Flashlight Maze at no extra cost. If you are coming just for the Flashlight Maze the Farm Fun ticket is your best option.

Are the owners of Cherry Crest Amish?2024-02-24T00:36:28-05:00

No, the Coleman family is not Amish. They began farming in New Jersey, where they farmed grain. In 1987 they sold that farm and moved to Lancaster, where they ran a dairy until 2003. Currently, they raise beef cattle, broilers for Tyson Foods, and crop farm 300 acres.

Can I pick apples and cherries at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm?2024-02-24T00:36:41-05:00

Sorry, our Pick-Your-Own in the fall months includes pumpkins and popcorn. There is a local orchard, Cherry Hill Orchards that grows fruit for picking.

Is there lodging at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm?2024-02-24T00:37:01-05:00

There is no lodging at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm, however there are many hotels, vacation homes and Bed & Breakfasts near by.

My school or organization is having an auction/raffle, can I get tickets donated?2024-02-24T00:37:57-05:00

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm gives out a limited number of donations each year. To be considered, please fill out our Donation Request Form

Please submit your request at least 90 days prior to the event.

Requests that have been approved will be sent out approximately one month before the event date.

Can I decorate the Party Barn or Campfire Site?2024-02-27T16:32:34-05:00

Yes, moderate decorating is encouraged. Please bring your decorations and supplies with you.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?2024-02-27T16:33:32-05:00
  • Yes, while we have lots of yummy foods and beverages available at the farm you may bring your own.
  • Party Barns offer an apartment sized refrigerator with freezer, outlets and counter space. 
  • Campfire Sites DO NOT have access to refrigerator, freezer or outlets. 
  • GRILLS OF ANY KIND are NOT PERMITTED at Campfires Sites or Party Barns.
  • Roasting of hot dogs and marshmallows is permitted at Campsite SItes but no other cooking or grilling is allowed.
Do you supply paper products?2024-02-27T16:34:54-05:00
No, please bring any decorations, table clothes, paper products, and utensils needed for your party. (Paper products will be supplied for the A-maze-ing Party Package)
Do you provide Party Barn set up and clean up?2024-02-27T16:35:21-05:00
  • We will have the Party Barn clean and ready for you. You are responsible for any decorating or set up.
  • We will wipe off tables, counters and empty trash. You are responsible for removing any items you brought with you.
Do all guests at my party need to pay admission to the farm?2024-02-27T16:35:58-05:00
Yes, admission to Cherry Crest is required for all guests 3 years old or older.
How do my guests get onto the farm?2024-02-27T16:37:23-05:00
  • Guests enter via the admissions booth to purchase tickets or check in their online tickets.
  • How do I purchase discounted Group tickets?
  • Discounted group tickets for groups of 20+ are available online. 
  • They cannot be purchased at the gate. 
  • Because pre-purchased tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason and expire at the end of the season we strongly encourage you to wait until the day of your event to make your purchase. We never sell out of admissions!
  • Check out our Group page located under “Reservations” for more information.
How do I purchase additional admission tickets for my Birthday Party Package?2024-02-27T16:37:45-05:00
  • Additional discounted admission tickets for Birthday Party Packages can be purchased by creating an account and editing your order.  (link on order confirmation page)
  • They cannot be purchased at the gate. 
  • Because pre-purchased tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason and expire at the end of the season we strongly encourage you to wait until the day before  your event to make your purchase. We never sell out of admissions!
What time should I arrive?2024-02-27T16:38:16-05:00
The party host can arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled rental time. Please keep in mind that there may be another party ahead of yours.
Do we have to leave the farm after our scheduled rental time ends?2024-02-27T16:38:57-05:00
Nope! Your admission includes all day access to the farm during regular farm hours. However, the party barn or campfire site must be cleaned up and vacated by the end of your rental time.
What if it rains?2024-02-27T16:39:20-05:00
  • If Cherry Crest Adventure Farm closes due to inclement weather the Barn/campfire Rental and Birthday Party Package Fee will be refunded.
  • Additional pre-purchased admission tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE. We encourage you and your guest to wait until the day of your event to purchase your online admission tickets. We never run out of admission tickets!
  • Due to unpredictable weather patterns, Cherry Crest Adventure Farm may wait until the afternoon to decide on the availability of evening events.
What if I need to cancel or reschedule my party?2024-02-27T16:39:51-05:00
  • Barn/Campfire Rentals and Birthday Party Packages are non-refundable. 
  • Rescheduling your Rental or Party may be possible based on availability. Call us at 717-687-6843 ext. 703
  • Cancellation for birthday cake orders is needed 48 hours in advance of a scheduled party to receive a refund for a cake purchased online.
Are there additional items I need to bring?2024-02-27T16:40:20-05:00
  • If you will be bringing a cake or have purchased one through CCAF please bring a serving knife, candles, and a lighter.
  • You may also find bags or boxes to carry your gifts helpful. 
  • Please be mindful that this is a farm and an outdoor event; remind guests to wear comfortable shoes and sunscreen.
Still have more questions?2024-02-27T16:40:51-05:00

No problem! Give us a call at 717-687-6843 ext. 703 or email sarac@cherrycrestfarm.com

Why did you decide to go cashless?2024-02-24T00:38:35-05:00

There were several factors that went into the decision to transition to card and mobile payment-only transactions.

Eliminating the need to make change allows for quicker transaction times and lower wait times, making the guest experience even better!

The cashless model allows us to operate more efficiently and effectively, giving our team members the opportunity to focus more on you, our guest.

Keeping guests and team members safe is the number one priority for us on the farm. Cashless models have proven to be a safer model to implement across the retail and hospitality industries.

Is the entire farm cashless during all seasons?2024-02-24T00:38:49-05:00

Yes, the entire farm is cashless during all seasons. The only exception will be certain third-party vendors within our Fall Season.

If I come to the farm with cash, can I still make purchases?2024-02-24T00:39:03-05:00

Yes. However, for reasons listed above, we recommend against it.

If you come with cash and not with credit, debit, or mobile, there is one option available.2024-02-24T00:39:18-05:00

A cash-to-gift card option is available at Guest Services. Guests will be able to transfer cash onto a Cherry Crest gift card. The gift card can then be used throughout the farm for purchases.

What if I have money left on my card at the end of the day?2024-02-24T00:39:34-05:00

If you have money left on your gift card the value that remains on the card can be used at our farm on future dates. It will not expire. Or you can go to Guest Services and receive cash back for any money left on the gift card.

Do you accept all types of card payments? What about digital payments?2024-02-24T00:39:52-05:00

We accept all major types of card payments that our POS system accepts. We also accept all digital, contactless payments that Square accepts, such as Apple Pay etc.

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